Private Labeling

Discover, Source, & Launch Product

CBRG work on from pioneering position to maturity position. Private labeling is the easy & economic way of bringing quality & innovative products into market with the loyalty of your own brand. If you have concept that your market can respond aloud, we have enough resources and infrastructure to convert your concept into market winning product.

Packaging is the theater, it can tell stories

Private labeling is selling products a business makes under another company’s or business’s brand. It is a fabulous way for a brand to put its products in people’s hands. For businesses carrying these products, private labeling allows them to sell products when they are not able to manufacture themselves.

If you want to start selling a recent product with no prior experience, CBRG’s private labeling is a great way to start. Consumers will be more willing to purchase your merchandise through larger manufacturers than through a business that has made no previous transactions, but your product must be able to sell itself without special promotions or brand advertising.

CBRG product development process gives companies a way to explore new product ideas and learn what customers want. The goal is to ensure that a new or enhanced product satisfies a real customer need and helps the company grow.

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Product Labeling is a key feature in marketing as it describes the product. It helps to market the product allowing customers to know about the item and give necessary messages including ingredients, instructions, and uses.

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CBRG excel in designing and creating innovative packages that are unique, attractive and distinct which can be easily identifiable from its competitor. Wwe help design distinguishable product packaging that are meant for your business.

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We have years of experience in deciding whether the product is financially viable for it or not. We analyze with you product’s demand, cost, competitiveness, profitability, expected sales, overheads, etc. for successful product

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Branding is one of the key marketing areas that we master. CBRG helps in creating a consistent brand image using all the aspects of private labeling and showcasing your products to the targeted audience. With private labeling we tell your brand story.

How private labeling help?

Private labels have the potential to offer higher margins on account of supply chain efficiencies and better control over operations. This also lead to higher consumer stickiness, thus becoming a critical element of the overall business strategy.

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Improves Brand Loyalty

Branding through private labeling is a great way to build loyalty from customers who like your products, and often feel attached with the brand.

Higher Margins For You

Brands with private labeling usually have a higher profit margin because the cost of making your own products is lower than buying premade products.

Provides Exclusivity

One of the best things about private labels is that you alone have exclusive right to sell the product and with good marketing you can create demand for it.

Add Wholesale Income

Other than exclusively selling your product, you can also operate as a wholesaler, this will generate additional income & spread your brand exposure.