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CBRG is a Global Business Management & Marketing Company that stands alongside our clients as trusted partners in the co-design and co-execution of new business directions, growth strategic planning, marketing and branding initiatives, private labeling and networking; delivering value return, risk mitigation& safe reliable performance excellence outcomes.

The CBRG Team is led by Mr. Bob Behari

With over three decades of management experience and his unwavering willingness to stick with a bold course of action — an unconventional business strategy, a unique product-development roadmap, a controversial marketing campaign — even when everyone around him wondered why he is not marching in step with the status quo has today given him all the success and a global presence to all his products. He truly understands and believes that in an era of hyper-competition and non-stop disruption, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to stand for something special.”

Mr. Raj Behari

Along with all CBRG experts is every day assisting the clients to build their brands.

Under Raj Behari’s watchful eye, teams are kept moving forward on task, on time and on budget. He possesses a keen sense of how and when to ask the right questions, when to refocus the team on key points, and when to step back and watch the magic happen.

Creating Management and Marketing Strategies

We develop distinctive and innovative management and marketing strategies that help you succeed in today’s complex and uncertain world.

We provide management expertise where it matters most

We provide expert advice to industry leaders and emerging challengers – on business transformation, future growth strategy, marketing, branding, and digital. Our team addresses your toughest strategic issues, whether it’s accelerating growth, entering a new market, product development, improving profitability, or dealing with digital marketing.

We give new perspective

Our unique and proven approach to problem-solving addresses your most difficult challenges from three distinct angles.

We look at big picture

We rise above the smoke of your day-to-day business battles and with higher perspective we know the complete situation.

We go to battlefield

Solving complex problem needs information. Our consultant gain unfiltered insights from consumers and competitors.

We dive deeper

We combine questioning mindset with recent technologies, to conduct advanced analytics that uncover new insights

At CBRG, our tightly knit group of branding professionals weaves together some very colorful experiences, personally & professionally. Each member of our talented core team has particular areas of specialty, sharply honed during years of experience.

Business Excellence

An integrated collection of proven practices for how a business should operate to become the best it can possibly be – i.e. world class. BE is about achieving excellence in everything that an organization does (including leadership, strategy, customer focus, information management, people and processes) and most importantly achieving superior business results.

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Marketing is positive persuasive communication, required to move a product or service to the ultimate consumer. It includes creating product or service concept, identifying who is likely to purchase it, promoting it & moving it through the appropriate selling channels. Marketing is anything that may influence the way consumers think about a brand.

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Brand is a promise to the client, a promise of quality, consistency, competency and reliability. A process of creating strong, positive perception of a company, its products or services by combining elements like logo, design, mission statement, & consistent theme. Effective branding helps to stay above competitors and build a loyal customer base.

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Private Labeling

We work on from pioneering position to maturity position. Private labeling is the easy and economic way of bringing quality and innovative products into market with the loyalty of your own brand. If you have concept that your market can respond aloud, we have enough resources and infrastructure to convert your concept into market winning product.

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