Sales Excellence

Mindset to Excel

Sales excellence is the measure of how successful an entire organization is at closing more deals, and also a measurement of the success of individual sales person. Sales excellence takes into account how quickly deals are closed, how many deals are won, a sales person comfort with all of the tools at their disposal, an organization’s ability to support sales team.

Sales Excellence is measured through

Sales Performance: Total Revenue; Year-over-year Growth; Percentage of Sales Person attaining 100% Quota; Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC); Average Lifetime Value (LTV)

Sales Productivity: Percentage of high-quality leads followed up with; Time spent creating content; Average number of sales tools used daily; Percentage of marketing collateral used by sales; Percentage of time spent on selling activities

Sales Proficiency: Time to Ramp; Time to Productivity; Time to Quota Attainment; Time Spent in sales on Boarding Sessions; Time to Close First Deal.

Sales Excellence is achieved through the right combination of processes and programs Sales Enablement ~ Sales Technology ~ Sales Culture ~ Sales Training

Franchise Model

How do we help?

We maintain a state of Sales Excellence by maximizing sales excellence inputs (processes, tools, people and culture) and validating them with data (performance, proficiency and productivity metrics), we can not only achieve sales excellence — but sustain it over the long-term.

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Sales Enablement Use Cases

Our Sales enablement is responsible for enabling revenue teams to easily and effectively bring the products to market using five stages of ad hoc, reactive, managed, data-driven, and optimized to fully deliver sales excellence.

New Sales Technology

CBRG Sales technology uses customer relationship management, business intelligence, sales enablement, sales engagement, and sales-readiness to s deliver powerful analytics to increase sales efficiency.

Continuous Sales Training

Ongoing sales training prepares team with the knowledge of what to know, say, show, and do for every customer conversation. Our robust training program enables team to navigate customer engagements and improve their business growth.

Supportive Sales Culture

Through surveys, one-on-one conversations, and observations we check whether the culture is helping or hindering sales excellence. We take measure to foster a welcoming, learn-it-all environment to enhances sales teams strengths to overcome weakness.